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Corporate culture is in production and management practices, and gradually formed as the sum of the identity and comply with all employees, with the organizational characteristics of the mission, vision, purpose, spirit, values and philosophy. Corporate culture is the soul of an inexhaustible motive force to promote enterprise development. In the beginning of the development of our company, identified the following corporate culture:

Company Vision: Allow customers to purchase at ease, satisfied, to become Europe's industrial goods spare parts specialist, to establish their own unique brand.

Company Purpose:  Customer first   Integrity-led  Mutual benefit and win-win.

Company SpiritIntegrity  Intentions  Innovation  Efficiency  Cooperation.

Core Values:    Create value for society       Create benefits for customer

                          Create brand for company    Create opportunities for staff

Philosophy:    Customer satisfaction   Honesty and Trustworthiness

Zhengyou Innovation   Improve Efficiency  

   We will listen to the views of customers and suppliers, and to do its utmost to meet their needs and expectations; we will continue to innovate and change, and strive to do better, so that customer satisfaction; we will be more flexible and faster customer service, so the business of high quality, competitive and efficient completion. Our mission is to provide a global partner channel services and products, and the rapid development of sustained profitability for the world-class diversified businesses.

   We are willing to under the premise of mutual benefit, legally share market resources, technology and profits with partners, both sides make every effort to provide first-class service and product value for each other. Let customers on product quality and service satisfaction, supplier satisfaction with the cooperative mode, and maximize as much as possible to make this satisfaction.