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      VEM is Germany's largest motor manufacturer, is the world famous air motor and motor manufacturers, adhering to scientific and technological innovation and customer-oriented core values, is committed to product quality improvement and technological innovation, research and development and production of high-performance motor. VEM trademark has become the motor market benchmark. VEM as Germany's second-largest manufacturer of mechanical and electrical equipment, has a series of sound and excellent rotary motor manufacturing equipment, and its products are widely used in the following fields: mechanical engineering, construction, chemical, oil and gas, energy and environmental engineering, power plant equipment, wind power, traffic engineering, steel mills, rolling mills and shipyards. 
      About our company VEM partial list of imported products as follow,welcome customers and friends to call us: 
      Standard three-phase asynchronous motors explosion-proof motor roller motor energy-saving motors 
       K20RKPER/K11R A21O/A21W W21R 
       K21RKPER/K12R A20O/A20W WE1R 
       K22RKPR/K10R ARC 
       Slip-ring motor brake motor exhaust motor marine motor 
       SPER / S11RB21RK21RKPER/K11R 
       SPEH / S11HB20RK11RKPR/K10R 

       Brand            Stye
       VEM     K21R180M2 22KW IP55
       VEM     K21R80G4 TPM140 B14EF100
       VEM     K21R180L4VLHW22KW1465
       VEM     K21R132S4T,5.5KW
       VEM     K21R 80K4;B3;0.55KW
       VEM     K21R 225 S4 TWS HW37KW 400V
       VEM     K21R112M2
       VEM     K21R112M8
       VEM     K21R80K6WDS
       VEM     K21R180M4
       VEM     K21R 280S 4 TWS VL HW
       VEM     K21R 315 MX6 NS VL IL HW
       VEM     IE1-K21R 132M 4 TWS HW
       VEM     K21R80K6WDS
       VEM     K21R71K4

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