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Germany Parker Hannifin (Parker Hannifen) is a multinational corporation headquartered in Ohio, founded in 1918, is a global leader in motion and control technologies and systems diversified manufacturer of motion control for a wide range of industrial and aerospace markets provide accurate solutions, and has become the world's largest professional production and sales of various refrigeration and air conditioning, hydraulic, pneumatic and fluid control products and components of the global company. Parker Hannifin Corporation's time to enter the Chinese market soon, but due to the high quality products and excellent after sales service, has achieved good sales performance. In various industries have made a very good application. The company has the largest distribution network in its territory, there are more than 7,500 vendors for 40,000 customers around the world to provide services. Parker Global has eight global groups: companies in its field for motion and control group, respectively, Filtration Group, environmental and industrial control, Aerospace Group, hydraulic products, instrumentation valves Group, Fluid Connectors Group and sealing group.

Part of our company on the U.S. list of imported products as Parker, welcome customers and friends to call us: 

Brand             stye
parker 1VW16CNYP70
parker D1VW5CNTP70
parker D1VW5CNYP70
parker D3W4KNYW30
parker D3W1CVYW30
parker D1VW9CNTW70
parker D1VW43HNJW75
parker D3W3CVTP30
parker D1VW101DNJW76
parker D1VW15CNTP70
parker D1VW15CNYP70
parker D1VW21CNTP70
parker D1VW21CNYP70
parker D1VW22CNYP70
parker D1VW3CNTP70
parker D1VW3CNYP70
parker D3W2CNYP30
parker D3W2CNTP30
parker D1VW20DNTW71
parker D1VW20DNYW71
parker D1VW104KNTW70
parker D1VW104KNYW70
parker D1VW105KNTW70
parker D1VW105KNYW70
parker D3W20BNAP30
parker D3W4CNYW30
parker D3W4CNTW30
parker D1VW26HNTW70
parker 285.616.000.6
parker D3W1EVJW30
parker D3W8ENTP30
parker D3W8KNTP30
parker D3W20BVJP30
parker D3W20DNJP30
parker D3W1MNTP30
parker D1VW1CNJW75X765
parker D1VW14KNTW70
parker D1VW32CNAW70
parker D1VW31CNTW70
parker D3W3CNYP30
parker   D3W15CNTP30
parker D3W20BVJW30
parker D3W20HVJW30
parker D3W1FNJP30
parker D3W1MNJP30
parker D3W3ENTP30
parker D3W4FNJP30
parker D3W20BNAW30
parker FP1VW15CNJW75X868
parker D1VW7KNYW70
parker D1VW51FNJW75
parker D1VW51MNJW75
parker D1VW35CNSW70X5163
parker D1VW21CNYW70
parker D1VW22CNTW70
parker D1VW3CNTW70
parker D1VW3CNYW70
parker D1VW15CNAW70
parker D3W8EVYP30

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