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      Harvey HAWE Hydraulic Co., Ltd. was established in 1949, more than 50 years has been committed to the development and production of high-pressure hydraulic components and systems. The company has more than 1,000 employees, a number of sales offices in Germany, China, and has more than 30 sales agents worldwide, including eight wholly-owned sales subsidiary. Hawe all-steel body products, high pressure; compact structure, small size; no leakage, long life, widely used in engineering machinery, machine tools, ships, hydraulic tools and other industries. 
     Germany HAWE hydraulic products: piston, two-stage oil pump, compact pump stations, small pumping stations, pressure valves, valve, control valves, check valves, hydraulic accessories. 
     About our company HAWE following partial list of imported products, welcome customers and friends to call us: 

Brand stye
Hawe EM21S-X24
Hawe MP21SG10-G24
Hawe EM11V-X24
Hawe NBVP 16-R/2-XM24
Hawe NBVP 16-Z /R /2-XM24
Hawe NBVP 16-Y /B 1.0 R /2-XM24
Hawe VP1Z-G24
Hawe P 3-1
Hawe DLS1N-1-B50/E1-1-180
Hawe SG3G-CK
Hawe VP1-R-G24EX
Hawe 6905 117 F1
Hawe 6905 117 F2
Hawe 6195 4006-00 7953 834-F10
Hawe NBVP16-G/R-G24
Hawe DG364
Hawe NBVP16-G-XM24
Hawe EM11V-G24
Hawe AC40-1/4-250
Hawe CMV 1 B-370
Hawe CDK 35-5-60
Hawe DG35
Hawe DG5E-400
Hawe EM21S-G24
Hawe DG36-12
Hawe ER13 with O-ring
Hawe R4.2
Hawe LB 3 C-50
Hawe GZ3-1-G24
Hawe MV41A-700
Hawe HCW24T/0.64-A1/500-VB11FM-HH3-1-WG230
Hawe VB21AP-5-FB-2-PYD
Hawe HSV 61 R 2-G 24-250
Hawe DLS 1 N-1-B 50/E 1-1-180
Hawe SG0L-C
Hawe SG0L1B-A-250
Hawe VP1Z-N24
Hawe R2.4
Hawe RHC 41 V
Hawe VZP 1 G22-G24
Hawe RHC4V
Hawe RHCE33
Hawe NSWP 2 K/M/20-WG 230
Hawe HSE12-5
Hawe DS2-1
Hawe VP1Z-G24
Hawe LB 3 C-80
Hawe DK 2/200/0 R-L 5 K
Hawe EV1M2-12/24 8-32VDC
Hawe BWH 1 R 4-1-G 24
Hawe P32MA14024N
Hawe P3YKA00CW
Hawe P3YMA1V0N
Hawe P6M-PAB4
Hawe DX3-611-BL49
Hawe P32VA14LSAN
Hawe P3YKA00CB

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