Indeed , when the company developed to a certain stage , in order to obtain in the competitive market of sustainable development , companies must have the right strategy , good organization and management capabilities , rich talent team of professional ethics , and human resources development is undoubtedly the entire company foundation.
          Optional Yangjae culture , division of labor by an excellent team , productive marketing strategy execution , to the healthy development of enterprises . Through a clear corporate strategy for human capacity requirements of the standard , companies can promote the development of selected personnel in Recruitment cultured.
          For new recruits , the company will be based on job characteristics and different skills training, according to career planning program for new employees basic knowledge of all aspects of training , product knowledge , ethics , culture and other aspects . After have basic job skills and career direction, the company will be based on the trend of personal ambition and ability in the performance of work , preliminary planning a personal career development plan. As the company on the rise, so has the ability for newcomers , the company will give enough opportunities for promotion and provide a broad development platform.
          More career development planning is not static through before the election , training , appointment , use, closed-loop process to improve education , companies and individuals to constantly adjust the direction of career development , allowing companies and individuals to select the optimal development path .