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     Sales Engineer    [2012-5-23 15:34:43]
    Place:  Shang Hai
    Salary:   4000 RMB
    Number:  1
    Sex:  Male or Female
    Age:  >23
    Condition:  Rigorous work, and his sincere, good character, a strong affinity, strong communication skills and the ability to understand, to understand some of the software knowledge will be basic software programming, website maintenance and so on
    Job Description:

         1.Bachelor degree or above, mechanical or electrical automation and related professional graduates in science and engineering, understand German is preferred

          2.Outgoing, strong communication skills, good at telephone sales, serious and meticulous work, logic analysis ability

          3.Start working stage technical and business support for the sale of skilled later develop their clients, the company independently of performance requirements

          4.Companies provide the corresponding reward system, as long as you ability, you'll get beyond the industry average and commission income

          5.English cet 4 above, can read English documentation for foreign products, and make corresponding Chinese publicity materials
    The best understand certain software programming, C language and understand the appropriate site maintenance work, strong hands

          7.Familiar with foreign companies streamline and standardized operation, good team cooperation spirit and experience, have enough ability to resist pressure, primarily because of rising in the growth stage, so they are plenty of opportunities for advancement; For people with ability, we will provide a lot of platform and opportunity


          Contact: Mr. Zhong

          Phone NO.:021-68453130