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         Hello Dear Customer, Welcome to login to the order Inquiry system of Pan Ler (Shanghai) International Trading Co., Ltd., I wish you a happy purchase, now we tell you a specific operational procedures below:

         If your company has a order in our PanLer (Shanghai) Trading Co., ordering the appropriate industrial products, our company will work with your organization to identify a "procurement agent services contract", stamped with the official seal of the above there are two companies, as evidence of the transaction . In the upper right corner of the contract you receive will record a second order of the order number, the other the first time our company will tell you the sum of foreign orders shipped transport order number. If you want to know or find out that you have set the latest products in our company, you can simply enter this purchase order number in the text box below, you can know the status of your order immediately ordered the goods, logistics, and invoice status status and other information. Thank you for your purchase, cooperate happy!