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       Hello Dear Customer, Welcome to login to the FAQ section of PanLer (Shanghai) International Trading Co., Ltd. , I wish you a happy purchase, now we state some common problem for our client which they concern about as follows:

Question: How to inquiry to us for customers?

Answer: You can through our official website, find the corresponding contact the clerk of the way through QQ or send e-mail directly to Ta inquiry, you can through our company's fax number (021-68453516) gives us a fax inquiry, we the clerk will take the first offer you a price. When inquiry, please provide the product you want to purchase the brand / model (or order number) / number to us, you want to provide detailed information on the product as much as possible, in addition please leave your name and your company Contact us to facilitate our sales and timely feedback to you.

Question: Our customers how to order?

Answer: The new customers, please provide your company's billing information, as well as the desired product brand / model (order) / number to the clerk to serve you, and we will work with you to sign a "procurement agent services contract", affixed with the official seal of both companies.

Question: What is the basis of our offer for customers?

Answer: Depending on your inquiry information provided to us, if we have a price list, we will offer you a price finished the day in a timely manner; no price list for the brand, we need to contact foreign manufacturers to their inquiry, due to the existence of the time difference, it normally takes 2-3 business days to receive their offer, we will into RMB according to foreign manufacturers of euro offer accounting, available to domestic customers inquiry.

Question : Why the purchase price of our products is cheaper?

Answer: 1. European source procurement, coupled with partners abroad, the goods directly from the original manufacturer, fewer intermediate links, so cheap.

2. we take to fight a single shipment, significant savings in logistics costs, the UK warehouse orders shipped unification fight international logistics and customs clearance.

Question: Our offer includes what costs?

Answer: Quote mainly consists of the following components: the cost of their foreign currency purchases of goods, 17% VAT, tariffs of products, international shipping, domestic shipping, customs fees, storage fees, and our company's purchasing services.

Question: How about the delivery time is calculated?

Answer: From our customers receive a 30% advance payment and the "procurement agent services contract" stamped return items (both indispensable), counting goods, generally specific delivery contract shall prevail.

Question: How do customers understand the implementation status of their own orders?

Answer: The customer (you) can log on to our official website "Order" module, enter the order number in the upper right corner of our company contract to understand the status of your order in real time.

Question: How the customer receives the goods?

Answer: When the courier company or logistics company to deliver goods to the Company's office, please be sure sure to check the packaging of goods is intact, whether the goods are damaged, if damaged, must not sign, you can immediately take photos or Contact us, all goods of our company are all premiums, if you sign for damaged goods after the discovery, the company will not be able to express and logistics company claims.

Question: When customers can receive an invoice?

Answer: goods and invoices are sent separately, usually around one week received the goods, and you will receive our invoice.

Question: If customers find the goods in question how to do?

Answer: When you find the goods have problems, please contact the clerk the first time and for your service, if a customer suspected of product performance problems, and the clerk can communicate returned to our company, our company will contact the original manufacturer for quality identification and repair, if the identification results belong to your company uses reason, all expenses are borne by the Company, all fees are non-identification results if the reason your company, then borne by our company and foreign manufacturers.