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Hello Dear Customer, Thank you for choosing Pan Ler (Shanghai) International Trading Co. to purchase

Spare parts for you, we will be happy to serve you, I wish you a happy purchase, for the warranty repair the statements below:

       ( 1 ) About Product Quality: We promise every product we provide you with the spare parts are original from Europe , not a country cottage imitation ; former factory has the final interpretation of the product quality , such as quality problems , define attribution of responsibility for ultimate power belongs to the original manufacturers. If the unfortunate event of quality problems found by our agent to contact the original manufacturers of the Company , for quality appraisal, if your company uses the identification results are the reasons , all costs are borne by the Company , if the identification results of the Company are non- reason , the All costs incurred by our company.

       ( 2 ) About Product Type : Europe did not stop almost all brands of spare parts we can give you the purchasing , as long as you tell us the correct , complete brand model or order number .

       ( 3 ) on product safety : We provide professional services and procurement of spare parts order tracking system , make sure you understand the processing status of orders at any time . We provide you with the goods ordered using the full insurance , the insurance process is in the hands of the original manufacturers to customers from Europe , so you may rest assured purchase .

       Your shopping pleasure is the greatest affirmation of our services, thank you for your support and understanding !